About Us

About Us

Istinye University was founded by the 21. Yüzyıl Anadolu Vakfı (the 21st Century Anatolian Foundation) in 2015, as the culmination of the 25-year knowledge and experience of the MLPCare Group, which has brought three different hospital brands together; “Liv Hospital”, “Medical Park” and “VM Medical Park”. With its strong academic staff devoted to innovative research and education, Istinye University aims to take a permanent place among the most prestigious universities in Turkey and in the World, by contributing to the generation of new knowledge with high academic quality while conveying existing knowledge to its students in order to equip them with advanced knowledge.

Applying a student-oriented approach at every process, Istinye University aims to extend the limits of science with the help of its scholars, putting new scientific findings into practice for well-being of society, and providing high quality, accessible healthcare services in compliance with its vision of being a scientific research center. Conducting educational, research and social service activities at a global scale, it offers a learning and development environment comprising art and technology as well as a broad spectrum of knowledge. Istinye University educates its students as individuals who are equipped with leadership skills, who rely on the power of science, who follow the latest developments in the world, who can think critically; who appreciate ethical and moral values, who have the habit of improving themselves and using their creativity consistently. It refers its alumni to various work environments, in which they can use those skills they have acquired at Istinye University, especially to the Medical Park, the VM Medical Park and the Liv Hospitals, that are brought together under the roof of MLPCare Group. Istinye University aims to play a prominent role in the social, cultural, economic, scientific and technologic development of our society and contribute to the improvement of humanity by educating competent, creative and visionary individuals.


As Istinye University, our vision is to share the academic knowledge generated at both national and international levels, integrating them with different views of local and foreign scientists and to lead the way in the academic world through the light of science so as to lead the society to an enlightened tomorrow.


As Istinye University, our mission is to conduct a higher education service in which humanitarian values are prioritized as the baseline in research, planning, teaching and education, to cultivate individuals who take on the responsibility of contributing to the whole humanity, who genuinely comprehend the university culture, who can freely express their thoughts, who are compatible with the requirements of the era, who can participate in a group work with an interdisciplinary team spirit, who have learnt to learn, who have the ability to analyse data, who value knowledge and can add to humanity’s striving for true knowledge, who can perceive and analyse the social and technological necessities of the future, who respect social values and different views, who comply with the ethics of science and who are productive, qualified and intellectual.

Prof. Dr. Melih BULU
Vice President
Prof. Dr. Erdal KARAÖZ
Secretary General
  • Prof. Dr. Melih BULU - President
  • Prof. Dr. Erdal KARAÖZ - Vice President
  • Prof. Dr. Sacit KARAMÜRSEL - Tıp Fakültesi Dekan V.
  • Prof. Dr. Engin ULUKAYA - Sağlık Bil. Fakültesi Dekan V.
  • Prof. Dr. Abdullah OLGUN – Eczacılık Fakültesi Dekan V.
  • Prof. Dr. Melih BULU – İktisadi ve İdari Bilimler Fakültesi Dekan V.
  • Prof. Dr. Çetin Kaya KOÇ – Fen Edebiyat Fakültesi Dekan V.
  • Prof. Dr. Güzin KAYA – Mimarlık Fakültesi Dekan V.
  • Prof. Dr. Çetin Kaya KOÇ – Mühendislik Fakültesi Dekan V.
  • Prof. Dr. Engin ULUKAYA - Sağlık Bil.Enst. Müdür V.
  • Prof. Dr. Mesut Hakkı CAŞIN - Sosyal Bil.Enst. Müdür V.
  • Doç. Dr. Fahri ERENEL – Meslek Yüksekokulu Müdür V.
  • Assistant Professor Dr. Yemliha YILDIZ - SHMYO Müdür V.
  • Prof. Dr. Aydın ÖZBEK - Tıp Fakültesi Senatörü
  • Prof. Dr. Neriman AKYOLCU – Sağlık Bilimleri Fakültesi Senatörü
  • Prof. Dr. Tanju CEYHAN – Eczacılık Fakültesi Senatörü
  • Prof. Dr. Onur ALTAN – Mimarlık ve Tasarım Fakültesi Senatörü
  • Assistant Professor Dr. Feyzi ÇİMEN - Fen Edebiyat Fakültesi Senatörü
  • Assistant Professor Dr. Ahmet Feyzi ATEŞ - Mühendislik Fakültesi Senatörü

Topkapı Campus
Maltepe Mah., Edirne Çırpıcı Yolu, No.9 Zeytinburnu, İstanbul

Çekmeköy Campus
Soğukpınar Mah., Barbaros Bulvarı, No.76 Çekmeköy/İstanbul