Istinye University Faculty of Pharmacy aims to educate "Eight-Star Pharmacists" (8*E). Competencies and sufficiencies that a pharmacist possess are symbolized by 8 stars by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Federation of Pharmacy (FIP). These stars refer to Caregiver, Decision-Maker, Communicator, Manager, Life-long Learners, Teacher, Leader and Researcher stars.
Pharmacy is undergoing a major transformation throughout the world and evolves from drug-oriented pharmacy to drug and patient-oriented pharmacy. Our country is also naturally influenced by this transformation process in the world. The Ministry of Health in Turkey has officially launched a program for education of pharmacists, who pass the Pharmacy Specialization Examination (PSE) that was initially offered in 2017, in the fields of Clinical Pharmacy and Phytopharmacy Considering that medicine pharmacy disciplines have transformed to "evidence-based medicine" and "evidence-based pharmacy", respectively, throughout the World. Future pharmacists will be applying "evidence-based databases” in decision-making process at any time. The pharmacists who have gained the ability to reach the most recent valid scientific evidence, have the ability to convey the evidential information obtained with the most effective communication skills to the patients and stakeholders and enable to be used by them will be the most needed and most sought-after pharmacists in the community.
"Drug compliance" is a concept that expresses the correct and effective use of drugs. According to World Health Organization (WHO) reports, drug compliance is less than 50% in the world. This poses great risks in terms of human health and country economies. The group of professions that will make the most contribution to the improvement of drug compatibility is pharmacy. Therefore, it is imperative that pharmacists take not only medication-based but also patient-focused training. Again in these reports, it is emphasized that "because of the training and roles they are taking, pharmacists should serve the society more than they do now". Scientific studies show that expenditures for pharmacy education and performance payments save more than 6 times than the expenditure on the economy.
Our faculty, awaring of the pioneering roles of pharmacists in the transformation process of the profession, start to serve our country and humanity with evidence-based principle, a strong and highly motivated academic staff, the theoretical and practical training and research infrastructure at the highest level, hospital chains that provide internships spread throughout the country in the process of education, administration and decision-making.

Basic Pharmaceutical Sciences
Chief of Department Prof. Dr. Tanju Ceyhan CV
Head of Analytical Chemistry Department Asst. Prof. Ayça Bal Öztürk CV
Head of Biochemistry Department Prof. Dr. Abdullah Olgun CV
Biochemistry Department Prof. Dr. Kadir Okhan Akın CV
Biochemistry Department Instructor Elif Yavuz Dokgöz CV
Head of Pharmaceutical Basic Sciences Department   Prof. Dr. Tanju Ceyhan CV
Head of Pharmaceutical Microbiology Department Asst. Prof. Dr. Mine Işık Arıgün CV
Pharmaceutical Basic Sciences Department Prof. Dr. Özer Bekaroğlu CV
Pharmaceutical Microbiology Department Asst. Prof. Mine Işık Arıgün CV
Analytical Chemistry Department Prof. Dr. İnci Kayın CV
Analytical Chemistry Department Instructor Ayşegül Çalışkan CV
Professional Pharmaceutical Sciences
Chief of Department Asst. Prof. Dr. A. Cenk Andaç CV
Head of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department Asst. Prof. Dr. A. Cenk Andaç CV
Head of Pharmaceutical Botany Department Asst. Prof. Dr. Gülsen Kendir CV
Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department Prof. Dr. Ningur Noyanalpan CV
Pharmaceutical Toxicology Department Prof. Dr. Semra Sardaş CV
Head of Pharmacognosy Department  - 
Pharmacology Department Asst. Prof. Abdurrahman Arslan CV
Pharmacognosy Department Research Asst. Meltem Güleç CV
Clinical Pharmacy Department Asst. Prof. Sude Çetin CV
Pharmaceutical Technology
Chief of Department Asst. Prof. Dr. Mekin Doğa Halaçoğlu CV
Head of Pharmaceutical Technology Department Asst. Prof. Dr. Mekin Doğa Halaçoğlu CV

About the faculty

The language of education is Turkish. But our students have different opportunities to reach the world and universal knowledge with the international initiatives provided by international academic and cultural collaborations abroad, the Bologna process and the Erasmus programs.
Our faculty having a basic goal of educating researchers, entrepreneurs and social individuals who can constantly update their academic and formational knowledge has an academic staff who owns this mission. Our faculty members are competent with their studies in national and international academic platforms and have a say in their fields with scientific researches and publications they perform. This strong academic staff embrace the future and also provide the University a national and international reputation with their teaching and their academic works.
Our students have a wide range of possibilities in our university and our faculty to be outstanding individuals in their academik life or their sectors for the future. In this context, in addition to the theoretical and practical courses designed, socio-cultural activities are carried out almost every week in our campuses. So our students can learn about up-to-date information by seminars and panels, meet their artistic and aesthetic needs with some activities like exhibitions, cinemas and concerts.
We aim to educate individuals who are self-sufficient primarily through our educational approach in science and social sciences with all facilities of the Faculty. Self-sufficient individuals will also contribute to the society, the art, the industry and the universal knowledge.


Molecular Biology and Genetics (English)

The Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics is one of the largest, open-minded and respected disciplines. The intense competition in the field of genetics emerges not only in national markets but also in international markets. Today, it is an important advantage to have advanced technology and genetic applications in production processes. Industrial enterprises are in need of human resource which can carry out the production process thanks to the analytical thinking skill and can use advanced technology in both national and international markets and can approach the problems from a scientific point of view.

Psychology (Turkish/English)

The department of psychology aims to have a leading position among the worldwide psychology departments within a short time period, both in education and research. We intend to educate and train qualified psychologists who would produce practice solutions for daily life problems as well as contributing to the psychological sciences. For this purpose, we prioritized to offer our students interdisciplinary scientific research and application opportunities guided by theoretically and practically experienced academicians. Our current faculty members are specialist in the main fields of psychology like social, clinical, health, political and personality psychology. We are also intending to expand the faculty with improved quality and number.

Istinye University, Department of Psychology aims to;
  • teach scientific methods to explore and understand mental structure and processes underlying the human behavior,
  • gain analytical and critical thinking ability to evaluate scientific outputs about human behavior,
  • adapt scientific principles to the real-life issues,
  • have basic information about all subfields of psychology,
  • adopt the mentality to follow current psychology literature,
  • hypothesize, and conduct scientific research designs and answer questions via scientific methods,
  • gain experience by participating field and scientific researches,
  • improve practical skills in applied fields like clinical, educational, forensic or industrial-organizational area.

Graduates of psychology department can be employed in many public and private organizations. They could be assigned in Ministry of Education, Ministry of Justice, National Intelligence Service, Health Department, University Hospitals, Ministry of Family and Social Policies, Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) etc. Besides these, various associations and foundations, strategical research centers, private hospitals or schools and individual enterprises are other job opportunities. There is an escalating demand for professional psychologists in the current globalizing world and our country. For this reason, our qualified graduate students will have a chance to be employeed in diverse fields of psychology.

Sociology (English)

Turkish Language and Literature (Turkish)

In Turkish Language and Literature Department of Science and Art Faculty of Istinye University, the period of education is four year. The educational language is Turkish. The aims of the program are educating such students who can research about Turkish Language and Literature, can explain about the terms, groups, methods, texts of the literature, can lead the people to use Turkish language perfectly and purely, can help the society to read books regularly, can make good cominication with the people. The subjects of the lessons in the program are the structure of the Turkish Language and its connection with other languages, the history of Turkish Literature and its currently situation. So, the grad students will be successful in all works to use the language and the literature.

English Language and Literature (English)

The undergraduate program in English Language and Literature aims at providing students with a basic insight into English language and literature and critical thinking abilities by means of professionally designed curriculum. The program offers a general historical overview of English language and literature and a detailed focus on the major genres and periods of English literature. Literary understanding and appreciation of the students are fostered through textual analysis and criticism, as well. Students are also offered elective courses in English, American and comparative literatures, linguistics, humanities, and the social sciences.

The curriculum of the program prepares students to work in such various international fields as English teaching, the foreign service, media, publishing, advertising, public relations, human resources, the art of theatre. Moreover, graduates may pursue advanced degrees in English Literature, Linguistics, American Cultural Studies and Literature, Communications and Education and other programs in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

The distinctive feature of the program is its specific emphasis on foreign languages as students are required to take one second foreign language of the five - French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Italian - in the last six consecutive terms, the goal of which is to take students to an advanced level in four skills in the target second foreign language.

Academic staff
Prof. Dr. Mine Mengi CV
Associate Professor Sinan Çaya CV
Associate Professor Alev Erkilet CV
Asst. Prof. C. Müjde Atabey CV
Asst. Prof. Miray Akyunus CV
Asst. Prof. Feyzi Çimen CV
Asst. Prof. Ebru Thwaites Diken CV
Asst. Prof. M. Ali Gündoğdu CV
Asst. Prof. Didem Karakaş CV
Asst. Prof. Pelin Karakuş CV
Asst. Prof. Şeyma Katrinli CV
Asst. Prof. Nazlıhan Aztopal CV
Asst. Prof. Ekrem Saltık CV
Research Asst. Seda Aydın CV
Research Asst. Deniz Özen CV
Research Asst. Burcu Sağlam CV
Research Asst. Reyyan Uysal Kaba CV

About the faculty


Interior Architecture and Environmental Design (Turkish)

Architecture (Turkish-English)

Gastronomy and Culinary Arts (Turkish)

Academic staff
Prof. Dr. Güzin Kaya CV
Prof. Dr. Onur Altan CV
Asst. Prof. Didem Boyacıoğlu CV
Asst. Prof. N. Çatak Oylum CV
Asst. Prof. F. İlgin Erkmen CV
Asst. Prof. Hakan İmert CV
Research Asst. P. Kılıç Kızıltaş CV
Research Asst. Kübra Yeşilyurt CV

About the faculty

Faculty of Health Sciences aims to educate health personnel who contribute to creative and universal awareness by providing its students top-level undergraduate education in an environment that will allow them to demonstrate their potential. The vision of our faculty is to be a nationally / internationally recognized, pioneering and reference institution which plays an active role in the formation of policies related to health services and which forms a model for cooperation in education and application fields. The aim of the Faculty of Health Sciences is to train modern health professionals who are researchers, fully equipped, and who take as principle to think and practice scientifically in their field. Faculty of Health Sciences of Istinye University is on the way with the desire to acquire a leader and reference institution which is recognized and cooperated at international level, has a strong academic structure, the most successful students come to receive education, carries out health education at international standards, the graduates are preferred with priority by all institutions to be employed. The International Collaboration of the School of Health Sciences offers opportunities to enable our students to become more academically, culturally and personally empowered and discover their talents. The fact that departments of Nursing, Midwifery, Nutrition and Dietetics, Physical therapy and Rehabilitation, Child Development, Language and Speech Therapy and Social Work have a strong academic staff that carries out health education at international standards will also contribute to the achievement of our goal as a leader and reference institution in the future


Nutrition and Dietetics (Turkish)

A person, who has completed at least 4 years of a Nutrition and Dietetics Department of any health-related university and receives a nutrition and dietetics diploma, is can apply profession of a dietician. Dietitians, regulate nutrition plans and programs for individuals and communities in accordance with the principles of nutrition science to protect and improve the health of the people and increase the quality of life; control foods; inform the individual and the society and provide awareness; prepare a nutrition plan for the pregnant and fetus from the preconception period; plan and apply dietary and educational programs in accordance with medical treatment in diseases and other special circumstances.

Child Development (Turkish)

Childhood is becoming more and more the focus of scientific, social and political studies in the world and in our country every day. For this reason, besides the value given to the concept of "child", the awareness of how the living conditions of this period affects the future of the society actually increases. It should be borne in mind that the support of our children and their parents from the earliest stages, which will create future generations, is important for their healthy development and for raising effective individuals. For this, firstly there is a need for child developmentists who have the qualifications of professional competence that recognize the children, establish effective communication with them, provide the developmental characteristics of the child, provide suitable conditions for the family and environment and prepare the education programs.

Speech and Language Therapy (Turkish)

Language and Speech Therapists are interested in language, speech, voice and swallowing disorders. The therapists provide rehabilitation of language and speech disorders diagnosed by a specialist physician. They take part in training programs for special needs individuals. The Department of Language and Speech Therapy is one of the most preferred professions in the world. The need for language and speech therapists is increasing day by day. As the Department of Language and Speech Therapy of the Faculty of Health Sciences of İstinye University, our goal is to train language and speech therapists who can make professionally proficient and evidence-based applications.

Midwifery (Turkish)

According to the World Health Organization (WHO); The midwife is defined as "the person who provides the necessary care and counseling during pregnancy, at birth and after birth, has normal births at her own responsibility, and carries out counseling for newborn care and family planning". Midwifes serve as a health counselors for the community at the same time as for the woman, and make a significant contribution to the formation of healthy generations as a leader and role model to them. Midwifery is of the utmost importance when mother-child health and primary health care are carried out successfully. The need for midwifes is rapidly increasing day by day in order for the Ministry of Health to encourage normal birth and to implement the policies it has developed for the dissemination of breastfeeding. This situation has caused the midwifery s a profession to take place among future professions.

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (Turkish-English)

Graduates of the Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation of the Faculty of Health Sciences receive the title of "Physiotherapist" together with "Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Graduate Diploma". After recognizing a specialist physician in physiotherapy, all kinds of injuries leading to movement disorder, sickness and old age, pain and dysfunction, using physiotherapy-specific evaluation methods, many of them are gaining knowledge and skill about planning and applying treatment approaches developed by physiotherapists, is a profession that has duties.

Nursing (Turkish-English)

Nurses are health professionals who assume responsibility for care as an indispensable member of a multidisciplinary health team who serves health care professionals in a physical, biological, psychological and social well-being. Value, attitude, behavior / actions in the whole of "helping" functions during the improvement process in care giving, protection of health, improvement and deviation from health. The focus on care, scientific, humanistic, ethical and aesthetic values, which is an integral part of nursing since its inception, is a prerequisite for the provision of qualified services.

Social Work (Turkish)

Social work is a profession that considers the social well-being of the society. It aims to establish healthy social communication with social treatment, rehabilitation and adaptation beyond the physical and mental health of the whole society, starting from individuals, groups, families and communities. The social worker possesses a profession that produces new professional goals, methods and solutions for the purpose of solving the increasing problems of the rapidly growing and complicated urban and information societies, and enjoys transferring them to life. With the increasing complexity of the societies, the work and the obligations of the social workers and the need for them in society increase.

Academic staff
Prof. Dr. Neriman Akyolcu CV
Prof. Dr. Ali Cımbız CV
Prof. Dr. Funda Elmacıoğlu CV
Prof. Dr. Ali Özdek CV
Prof. Dr. İlhan Tomanbay CV
Associate Professor H. Dere Çiftçi CV
Associate Professor Yasemin Çırak CV
Asst. Prof. Bertan Akar CV
Asst. Prof. Şükrü Aras CV
Asst. Prof. Meral Arısal CV
Asst. Prof. R. Ada Bender CV
Asst. Prof. Elif Berber Menekşe CV
Asst. Prof. Amanullah Çağatay CV
Asst. Prof. Burak Çakçak CV
Asst. Prof. Emrah Çiçek CV
Asst. Prof. Gül Dikeç CV
Asst. Prof. Nurgül D. Elbaşı CV
Asst. Prof. M. Genco Erdem CV
Asst. Prof. P. Elif Erkul CV
Asst. Prof. Tuğba Görğülü CV
Asst. Prof. Özbil Gürel CV
Asst. Prof. Önder Karabay CV
Asst. Prof. Nihan Karagöz CV
Asst. Prof. Deniz Kaya CV
Asst. Prof. Tülay Kavlak CV
Asst. Prof. Ali Kocaoğlu CV
Asst. Prof. S. Kula Şahin CV
Asst. Prof. Halil Narlı CV
Asst. Prof. Ertunga Öney CV
Asst. Prof. Nurten Özen CV
Asst. Prof. Alev Özsarı CV
Asst. Prof. D. M. Sabuncuoğlu CV
Asst. Prof. Ali Sarıbacak CV
Asst. Prof. Burhan Şeker CV
Asst. Prof. Çiçek Şentüre CV
Asst. Prof. Selim Ünsal CV
Asst. Prof. Zehra Yılmaz CV
Research Asst. Berna Nur Berker CV
Research Asst. Betül Bırık CV
Research Asst. Ferhat Günerigök CV
Research Asst. Mevlüde Işık CV
Research Asst. Ömer Carullah Sevim CV
Research Asst. Sümeyye Tiryaki CV
Vocational Schools

About the Vocational Schools

In accordance with this definition, Istinye Vocational School, which completes its foundation and its preparations, is waiting for you to give a novel touch to your life and shape your future in modern Topkapı Campus in every aspect. Every student dreams of studying at universities with a good campus life. We offer you the opportunity to realize your dream. Of course, good campus does not mean everything. But remember, a good campus means better focus, better learning and happiness. The educational environment, which we have, each of which will be combined with our expert academic staff in the field, will carry you to different levels. The difference is that you'll understand when you talk to your friends who are studying in other Vocational Schools. You will see and feel the mean difference when you graduate from your degree. We have planned a training that is supported by events to provide your cultural and artistic developments while at the same time creating social awareness in social life. We will also organize seminars that will share your knowledge and experiences with you by inviting experts from different fields to our school to support your personal and professional development and to build your vision for your areas of expertise. Besides, we will organize seminars to support your personal and professional developments and to build your vision by inviting experts that will share their knowledges and experiences with you.



You can choose this program if you want to be one of our youths who need our justice system, who knows the law well and has gained written and verbal communication skills. You can work in many areas of the private sector, courts, penal institution, execution office, lawyers and notary public offices with the title of “Justice Professional Personnel”.

Culinary Arts

The culinary program gathers trained students who will work in the fields of food preparation and culinary management and who can make the presentation of their food in the best possible way. You can work in tourism-certified enterprises, restaurants, catering companies, airplane-ship-train-bus-hospital kitchens as chef, chef assistant, butcher, Garde-Manger, a la carte chef etc. with the title of “Culinary Professional Personnel”. You can also serve as a food researcher, food writer, food processor, food stylist, food architect, menu developer, recipe developer, food and beverage trainer.

Banking and Insurance

The banking and insurance sectors are at the forefront of the sectors that have a significant place in the financial markets, which is rapidly developing in our country and which continuously creates the employment field in parallel. You can work in Treasury, Court of Accounts, public and private banks and other public institutions, factoring, forfaiting, leasing companies, insurance companies, consulting companies with the title of “Banker/Insurer”.

Food Technology

This program has the theoretical and practical knowledge about raw materials and food ingredients, food processing, physical, chemical and microbiological quality control, food safety and food legislation and has the opportunity to work in production and quality control laboratories in food industry. You can work with the title of “Food Technician” in the factories and laboratories producing food, in the control laboratories, the Ministry of Forestry, the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, the Provincial Health Directorate.

Human Resource Management

You should choose this program if you want to have a say in many ways of working to help employees improve and be a person who takes into consideration the thoughts in strategic business decisions. A company is only as successful as its employees, and employees can be as successful as human resources teams.

Construction Technology

Since the construction sector serves as a locomotive for all economies, it is always a focus sector where significant incentives and investments are inevitable. You can work in public enterprises such as Directorate General For State Hydraulic Works, Overseers of Highways, Municipality and private sector with the title “Constructor Technician”.

Occupational Health and Safety

Our country is in the first place in the world in terms of work accident and work accident loss. The Law on Occupational Health and Safety (No 6331) entered into force with the aim of nullifying job accidents and reducing loss of life. With the enactment of the Law, there has been a significant increase in the need for intermediary and occupational safety specialists in the public and private sector regarding Occupational Health Safety.

Accounting and Tax Applications

This program trains employees who have theoretical and practical accounting knowledge, equipped with economics, business administration, finance. You can work in all public institutions and private enterprises with the title "Accounting Professionnel" and also you can set up your own business and get into business life.


The main aim of this program is; to educate human resources who know the new developments and concepts in sales and marketing and have knowledge and skills about sales strategies for creating customer value in sector conditions and providing maximum customer satisfaction.

Civil Air Transportation Management

The Air Transportation Operator prepares management plans for the most efficient use of money, materials and human power in the operation and the profitable operation of the aircraft, supervises the work, takes precautions to operate the planes with full capacity in terms of cargo and passenger quantities.

Civil Aviation Cabin Services

It is the aim of this program to educate qualified personnel who can meet the needs and expectations of the sector, improve their profession with the academic and practical knowledge they have acquired, and perform cabin services with effective communication skills with foreign language.

Sports Management

The aim of the Sport Management Program is; to train sports personnel with professional skills necessary for taking and implementing decisions about sportive activities in organizations offering sports services.

Aircraft Technology

The purpose of the Aircraft Technology Program is to train specialists in the field of "Aircraft Technology" which are qualified and able to work in all the national and international companies in the sector. You can work with the title of “Aircraft Technician” in companies manufacturing in the aviation sector or in large scale maintenance and repair companies.

Academic staff
Asst. Prof. Resul Kurt CV
Asst. Prof. Çağla Özer CV
Associate Professor Ali Işık CV
Instructor Dilek Amcaoğlu CV
Instructor Serdar Albayrak CV
Instructor Cansu Ağan CV
Instructor Ayşen Arslan CV
Instructor Serdar Aytekin CV
Instructor Dilek Bircan Uslu CV
Instructor Müge Bekman CV
Instructor Banu Bekman CV
Instructor Nihal Benli CV
Instructor Özlem Nur Besler CV
Instructor Sadık Bayram CV
Instructor Sezer Budak CV
Instructor Serhat Ceylan CV
Instructor Arzu Görücü Ceylan CV
Instructor Gülşen Çakar CV
Instructor Hilal Çakar CV
Instructor Deniz Tatlıdede Çelik CV
Instructor İzzet Umut Çelik CV
Instructor Şerafettin Dedeoğlu CV
Instructor Özüm Demirkol CV
Instructor Mehmet Dere CV
Instructor Bengü Duran CV
Instructor Nilüfer Gökdağlı CV
Instructor Mehtap Gülaçtı CV
Instructor Ece Giray CV
Instructor Aygül Kakırman CV
Instructor Yücel Kamar CV
Instructor Funda Kara CV
Instructor Mustafa İnanç Kapucuoğlu CV
Instructor Meryem Kara CV
Instructor Burak Kılanç CV
Instructor Şule Kılıçarslan CV
Instructor İrem Küçükbaşaran CV
Instructor Derya Okumuş CV
Instructor Pelin Olgun CV
Instructor Fadime Begüm Otağ CV
Instructor Burcu Özdemir CV
Instructor Namık Saçlı CV
Instructor Bahar Saygılı CV
Instructor Nedim Tekin CV
Instructor Zehra Yardı CV
Instructor Nesrin Yıldız CV
Instructor Liana Yontan CV

About the Vocational School of Health Services

Along with the increase in the number of health institutions in all over our country, the need for Asst. health personnel has also increased. In line with this need, our Vocational School of Health Services has aimed to educating individuals who have sufficient information and equipment to raise the health level of the society.
Vocational School of Health Services of Istinye University offers innovative and professional education with its academic staff who specialize in the sector and the latest technologies. In addition to providing quality education at an international level, educate students to be socially and culturally productive, respectful of ethical values, being researchers and contemporary individuals is one of the basic principles of our school. MLPCare Group Hospitals (Medical Park, Liv Hospital and VM Medical Hospital) in which our school is affiliated, offers free internship and job opportunities for Istinye University Vocational School of Health Services students.
Students are graduated to advance in business with the support of prominent healthcare professionals that lectured applied courses. Istinye University attaches great importance to student education with academic staff who are experienced, knowledgeable, specialist in theoretical and applied courses at hospitals equipped with modern technology. As Istinye University, we will always be there to perform your dreams throughout and after your school life.


Oral and Dental Health

The technicians help the doctor in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the Mouth and Teeth. The necessary equipment, sterilization, order and environment are prepared until the patient arrives. Meets the patient, receives information about the patient if necessary. They help the doctor during the treatment of the patient. In recent years, Oral and Dental Health Program is gradually gaining importance because preventive dentistry and dentistry with branch specializations are increasing. Students who have successfully completed Oral and Dental Program at the end of 4 semesters are given the title of “Oral and Dental Health Technician’’.

Operation Room Services

The students who graduate from Vocational School of Health Services Department of Operating Room Services can work as “Operating Room Technician” in the operating room in state and private clinics, hospitals, and healthcare corporations. “Operating Room Technician” takes the duties of making the equipment and equipment used in the operating room ready for the operation, providing material to the surgical team and making the operating environment suitable for the characteristics of the operation.


In Vocational School of Health Services, Department of Anesthesia Program aims to help the doctor in anesthesia operations, the patient's sleep in surgery to apply the medical methods according to the instructions of the physician training assistant health personnel. Graduates of the program, all kinds of medical institutions (state hospital, private hospital, maternity hospital, university hospitals, private clinics, etc.) can easily take part as the “Anesthesia Technician”.

Child Development

The Child Development Program is a theoretical and practical associated degree program that was established to enable children with normal development and special education needs to develop in a healthy environment. The aim of the program is to train qualified professionals who provide services to the child, family and society in this field with the education program supporting the development of children with normal development and special needs. Graduates of this program can be easily employed in special education and rehabilitation centers, kindergartens, and nursery.


The program trains technicians who will provide dialysis services to patients in the problems of renal failure due to increasing chronic kidney diseases. Dialysis technicians undertake tasks such as taking the patient into dialysis device, connecting, monitoring, termination and maintenance of the dialysis device. Dialysis technicians can work in the dialysis units of hospitals. Moreover, Dialysis Technicians can work in private hospitals, policlinics and clinics as well as public hospitals. Students who have successfully completed Dialysis Program at the end of 4 semesters are given the title “Dialysis Technician”.

Pharmacy Services

It is health personnel who provide the correct preparation and presentation of the prescription drugs under the supervision of the pharmacist and help the pharmacist in making the necessary information about other medical products, keeping the pharmacy records and communicating with the patients. The aim of Pharmacy Services Program is to train qualified personnel who have the craft knowledge and skills in the field of health in order to provide a higher quality health service to the society. Health workers who graduated from this department can work as a qualified assistant in their workplaces in pharmacies, public and private hospitals, pharmaceutical warehouses, medical industry and pharmaceutical industry. Students who have successfully completed the program at the end of 4 semesters are given the title “Pharmacy Technician”.


Electroneurophysiology (ENP) technologists measure the electrical activity of the brain (EEG) and nerves (EMG/NCS) using neurodiagnostic testing equipment. Electroneurophysiology Program trains ‘Electroneurophysiology Technicians’ working in the fields of EEG (electroencephalography), EMG (Electromyography), PSG (polomnography), which are used in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases. Electroneurophysiology technicians are working in newly developing stages of neurological imaging, stimulation and treatment. Electroneurophysiology technicians are able to work in neurology, chest diseases, psychiatry and physiology units. Electroneurophysiology technicians can find the opportunity to work in private hospitals, policlinics and clinics, as well as public hospitals. Students who have successfully completed the program at the end of 4 semesters are given the title “Electroneurophysiology Technician”.


The aim of the Physiotherapy Program is to train health personnel to help physiotherapist physicians in order to improve the health and quality of life of individuals with congenital or acquired disabilities. Physiotherapy Technician is the person who performs physical therapy modalities, electrotherapy and exercise applications for patients according to the type of disease by using the evaluation methods specific to physiotherapy after the diagnosis. Graduates of this program can work in physical therapy and rehabilitation clinics and private branch centers, nursing homes, spa-cure centers, hotels for health tourism. Students who have successfully completed the program at the end of 4 semesters are given the title “Physiotherapy Technician”.

First Aid and Emergency

The aim of Emergency and Medical Aid Program is to provide basic and advanced life support to the patients and the injured in the emergency services before the hospital and patient to prevent permanent barriers to medical interventions, plan and implement the appropriate approach, patient or injured to reach the hospital safely by ambulance to provide health personnel. Graduates of this program have job opportunities in the public sector or private ambulance companies and private hospital emergency services.


The aim of Radiotherapy Program is to educate professionals capable of assisting radiation oncology experts in the processes of radiotherapy and simulation. The graduate of this program, the radiotherapy lab technician, is a required staff member that would assist in the phase of preparation and that of therapy radiation oncology experts and/or radiation physicians. Radiotherapy applications are carried out in related departments of university and state hospitals. At the same time, radiation therapy departments are widely available in private hospitals. Students who have successfully completed the program at the end of 4 semesters are given the title “Radiotherapy Technician”.

Social Work

Social Services Program aims to increase social functionality and welfare of individuals, families, groups and communities, especially disadvantaged groups. It is an important tool to meet the needs of the people with resources and services. For the effective use of this instrument, professional personnel trained at scientific level are required. Aim of this program is to give the social worker assistants who will graduate from this program a “human” oriented, objective perspective as well as scientific knowledge. The graduates of this program could be employed as staff members at any institution providing such as social service, the Prime Ministry Family Research Institution, State planning office, Family Consultation Centers, municipalities, hospital, and civil society organizations.

Medical Documentation and Secretarial

The aim of Medical Documentation and Secretarial Program is to train medical staff who can serve in all public and private hospitals, outpatient clinics, rehabilitation centers, providing support in the administrative processes and preparation and present research findings and managing health communication between professionals, patients and relatives. Graduates of this program have job opportunities in public and private hospitals, university hospitals, administrative staff affiliated to the ministry of health, community health centers and pharmaceutical companies.

Medical Imaging Techniques

Medical Imaging Technician is a medical technician who performs the imaging of the entire or a designated part of the patient's body by using the methods of radiological imaging with the examination requested by the doctors because of the patient's examination and is ready to interpret them. In Medical Imaging Techniques Program, technical personnel are trained in Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Oncology units and the processing of imaging devices and the preparation and processing of the images required for the examination of the patient. Graduates of this program have job opportunities in private hospitals and medical centers.

Medical Laboratory Techniques

Medical Laboratory Technician is a health technician who performs medical analyses that physicians need for diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Students who complete the program of Medical Laboratory Techniques are given the title of associate degree diploma “Laboratory Technician”. Medical technicians can work in hospitals, medical faculties, special analysis laboratories, research centers of health institutions, Turkish public health institution laboratories, Turkish pharmaceutical and medical device Institution Laboratories, food industry enterprises.

Academic staff
Asst. Prof. Ahmet Altıntaş CV
Asst. Prof. Rıza Asil CV
Asst. Prof. Köksal Atalay CV
Asst. Prof. S. Azat Ataman CV
Asst. Prof. E. Atar Gaygusuz CV
Asst. Prof. Fatih Atmaca CV
Asst. Prof. Yeşim Biçer CV
Asst. Prof. Neşat Bozkurtgil CV
Asst. Prof. Murat Bölükbaşı CV
Asst. Prof. M. Büyükkınacı Erol CV
Asst. Prof. R. Cerrah Karanfil CV
Asst. Prof. Cengiz Çabukoğlu CV
Asst. Prof. Emre Çenesiz CV
Asst. Prof. Burcu Çetinkaya CV
Asst. Prof. Mustafa Çolak CV
Asst. Prof. R. Kerem Dedeoğlu CV
Asst. Prof. Mustafa Doğan CV
Asst. Prof. Kadir Göde CV
Asst. Prof. H. Uğur Gönç CV
Asst. Prof. Hilmi Gözlükaya CV
Asst. Prof. Orkun Gürbüz CV
Asst. Prof. M. Ali Güven CV
Asst. Prof. A. Erdal İbanoğlu CV
Asst. Prof. İhsan Karslıoğlu CV
Asst. Prof. Musa Korkmaz CV
Asst. Prof. İ. Barış Okumuş CV
Asst. Prof. Ahmet Özşimşek CV
Asst. Prof. Ufuk Sandıkçı CV
Asst. Prof. Emel Şen CV
Asst. Prof. N. Mert Tayşi CV
Asst. Prof. Cevat Topal CV
Asst. Prof. Mustafa Törü CV
Asst. Prof. Uygar Utku CV
Asst. Prof. Demet Yalçın CV
Asst. Prof. Ayhan Yaman CV
Asst. Prof. Handan Yaşar CV
Asst. Prof. Yemliha Yıldız CV
Asst. Prof. Gülhan Yılmaz CV
Asst. Prof. Gökhan Yılmazer CV
Asst. Prof. Işıl Yurdaışık CV
Instructor Sevim Acer CV
Instructor Merve Arıcı CV
Instructor C. Serkan Atlı CV
Instructor Ebru Nur Ay CV
Instructor Beyza Çabuk CV
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Instructor Merve Dikni CV
Instructor A. Hülcen Dönmez CV
Instructor Miray Ege CV
Instructor Esra Engür CV
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About the Institute of Health Sciences

In our master’s programs of ISU Business Administration, offered as “Executive MBA” and “Specialized Business Management”, we aim to train and equip managers with strong skills to make strategic decisions in ever changing global markets and be a successful leader to enable organizational development as well as evaluating business administration holistically. Those who successfully complete the program, which is Turkish-medium-instruction, will be eligible for the Master’s in Business Administration. Specialized Business Administration Master’s Programs offer an opportunity for candidates to develop expertise in important applications in Business Administration by emphasizing different topics. Our programs include MBA in Business Compliant with Tax Auditing Legislation, MBA Specialized in Marketing, MBA Specialized in Human Resources Management.

Surgical Disease Nursing (with thesis)
Surgical Disease Nursing (non-thesis)
Obstetrics and Gynaecologic Nursing (with thesis)
Obstetrics and Gynaecologic Nursing (non-thesis)
Obstetrics and Gynaecologic Nursing (PhD)
Physiotheraphy and Rehabilitation (with thesis)
Stem Cell and Tissue Engineering (with thesis)
Neuroscience (with thesis)
Cancer Biology and Pharmacology (with thesis)
Medical Biology and Genetics (with thesis)

IsuCAN; is a research center where electrons and photons are used to investigate the functions and structure of the brain and nervous system. The study area is to develop electrical and optical neural stimulation and recording methods, to do physiological researches with these methods, to produce information for clinical applications and to bring the produced knowledge together with people (patient / healthy). Research and application areas include sensory and pain physiology, neuromonitoring during neurosurgeries, effects of transcranial electrical stimulation on various diseases, effects on healthy people and athletes performance (TES), heart rate variability and skin resistance measurement methods and autonomic function studies, cortical-subcortical mapping, preoperative-intraoperative cortical mapping in epilepsy surgery, neurofeedback-biofeedback applications, clinical use of evoked potentials. In addition, activities of device design, construction and measurement techniques for experimental studies are also activities of the center. Neuroscience graduate studies are also carried out in this research center.

Engin Ulukaya, Prof. Dr., Director of Molecular Cancer Research Center
Selvi Durmuş Erim, Assist. Prof.
Süreyya Bozkurt, Assist. Prof.
Nazlıhan Aztopal, Assist. Prof.
Didem Karakaş, Assist. Prof.
Merve Erkısa, PhD student
Pınar Alper, PhD student

3D Design & Prototyping R&D Center
Prototypes, devices, robotic or mechanical parts as well as models imagined via students of Architecture, Engineering or Interior Design students can be turned into real 3D products. Applicants may come with their own 3D models or they can be prepared by specialists on 3D design programs such as SolidWorks or AutoCAD. Following design process, engineers specialized on 3D printing helps applicants to print their models. Students and other applicants can benefit these services for free or with small amounts. The Center also provides services to the industry for developing and printing prototypes which they need for their corporations.

Molecular Cancer Research Center
Istinye University Molecular Cancer Research Center (ISUCRC) aims to provide molecular oncology services to cancer patients as well as to conduct high-quality research on new anti-cancer drug development (natural or synthetic compounds), cancer stem cells, cell death, cytotoxicity, 3D cancer culture systems (mainly cancer organoids), tumor biology and pharmacology. ISUCRC holds wide collaboration network with national and international scale projects that are ongoing. The center already has an internationally patented anti-cancer drug candidate compound that may have potential to undergo Phase I studies soon. With the experienced and internationally recognized researchers in house, ISUCRC aims to be one of the leading cancer research centers in our country according to within the first five years. Our center is open to new collaborations or can provide paid-services to the projects. With the routine services to be provided to cancer patients, the precision oncology for cancer patient treatments will be possible. These services are provided under the services of the other services.

In our master’s programs of ISU Business Administration, offered as “Executive MBA” and “Specialized Business Management”, we aim to train and equip managers with strong skills to make strategic decisions in ever changing global markets and be a successful leader to enable organizational development as well as evaluating business administration holistically. Those who successfully complete the program, which is Turkish-medium-instruction, will be eligible for the Master’s in Business Administration.
Specialized Business Administration Master’s Programs offer an opportunity for candidates to develop expertise in important applications in Business Administration by emphasizing different topics. Our programs include Executive, MBA focused in Tax Auditing Legislation, MBA focused in Marketing, MBA focused in Human Resources Management.

Business Administration (with thesis) / Focused Programs (Human Resource Management, Marketing, Finance)
Business Administration (non-thesis) / Focused Programs (Human Resource Management, Marketing, Finance)

Executive MBA
The aim of the ISU Executive MBA Program is to educate the attandants with theoretical and practical knowledge of the basic disciplines of business administration. The program is expected to provide a holistic approach for participants to understand organizations and their functions as a whole. ISU Executive MBA provides an opportunity for students to gain a wide range of new theories and skills about problem diagnosing, decision making, effective communication, leadership and being a team member thus they can take managerial responsibilities and duities in the stages of planning, organizing, leading and controling.

Focused Master of Business Administration Programs

Master of Business Administration Program for Public Sector
ISU Master of Business Administration Program designed especially public employees is aimed to prepare them for managerial tasks in public institutions by developing their communication, motivation and leadership skills. The program gives an opportunity for participants to improve not only their competiencies in management, human resources, performance and marketing topics but also their literacy in economy and finance.

Tax Auditing Legislation Focused Master of Business Administration Program
ISU Master of Business Administration program designed in compliance with the Certified Councillorship Examinations aims to prepare candidates for the Certified Councillorship profession which is the highest status that can be reached in accounting and auditing profession. The graduates of the program will be equiped with contemporary knowledge to make evaluations with analytical thinking, conduct market, sector and firm analysis and read the economic indicators correctly.

Marketing Focused Master of Business Administration Program
The Marketing - Focused Master of Business Administration Program is designed to educate professionals equipped with the marketing perspective to respond to the needs and challenges of the market. The program provides participants to be successful in the new business ecosystem; benefit from new generation of related technology; interiorize changes as the most effective way to create a competetive advantage; have a good understanding of the new generation of professionals entering the employement market and importance of work / life balance and ethics.

The Human Resources Management Focused Master of Business Administration Program
The Human Resources Management - Focused Master of Business Administration Program is designed to educate professionals equipped with the human management perspective to respond to the needs and challenges of the market. The program provides participants to be successful in the new business ecosystem; benefit from new generation of related technology; interiorize changes as the most effective way to create a competetive advantage; have a good understanding of the new generation of professionals entering the employement market and importance of work / life balance and ethics.

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