ISU Students are Leaders
ISU students know that those who lead the way for society are leaders. And they know it well that leaders manage companies, non-governmental organizations, sports clubs, universities, social and political life; in short, they shape the future of society. They know that leadership skills are acquired, shaped and developed through education.
They constantly try to discover themselves to become a leader in their educational life.
They organize and manage many events within the university and in their social life, and they take the lead in those events. ISU students strive to foster their leadership skills, which they have in their genetic code, without giving up. ISU students know that a good leader has to be a great speaker. Thus, they improve their rhetoric skills thoroughly day by day.

ISU Students Work in Team Spirit
ISU students pursue success as the part of a whole, beyond being an individual. Putting “we” before “me”, they internalize the fact that they are stronger together as a team. Each individual who acts in team spirit knows that their creativity, endeavour, and productivity have to be oriented towards a goal. ISU students know that it is only possible to contribute to the world, turn it into a better place and to produce by developing a strong team spirit and organization.

ISU Students are Competitive
ISU students compete with the best in every field, and in every aspect if possible, so as to improve themselves. They believe that competition works cruelly on the regional, national and international platform. They are aware that they have to adapt to the conditions of competition to be able to contribute to society and themselves. They embrace the fact that the basic rule of competing is dependent on believing in science, researching, working hard and not giving up. The aim of ISU students is to have all standards of being able to compete at the international level.

ISU Students are Rational And Think Strategically
ISU students use their reason when they are faced with problems. They don’t take decisions just looking ahead a step further. They evaluate the problem looking at it from different angles; they take medium and long-term future into consideration, make plans and take decisions according to them.

ISU Students Value Knowledge
ISU students know that they can not exist in today’s world without taking the scientific path. They are aware that power is dependent on not being content with the existing scientific knowledge and generating new data. ISU students gather the necessary information for them to take the right decision before they make up their mind. They know how to reach and analyse knowledge.

ISU Students Live According to Universal Ethical Values
ISU students embrace the ethical values of their own geography. They are also conscious of the presence of other ethical values in the world. They know the commonly accepted universal ethics and try to live according to them.

ISU Students are Hardworking
ISU students know that it is not possible to consume without producing, to win without working. Therefore, they have well-disciplined study habits. They don’t waste their time, they work regularly to achieve their goals.

ISU Students are Responsible to Society
ISU students can not sleep satisfied when a neighbour is hungry. They don’t say “After me the Flood”. They avoid any attempt that would harm the environment and they prevent others who try to do so.

ISU Students are Sportive
Contrary to the established culture which regards sports activities as entertaining games or leisure time activities, ISU students are aware that sports is not only “sports”. They know that sports is the key to a long, healthy; thus a productive life. They also know that sports turns its exerciser into a social, sharing, productive, participating, entrepreneurial, creative, risk-taking, tenacious, quick and strategic thinking, jaunty, vivacious and brave person.

Istinye Is a Culture
ISU students know the elements of culture and they are happy to experience and share good examples of them in their daily lives. They question the cultural values others try to impose on them, they hold on to what is good and replace what is not good with their own cultural values. ISU students have developed aesthetic sense; in this respect, they serve as role models in society. They enjoy discovering themselves more and more everyday.

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