Vadi Campus


Istinye University Vadi Campus, located at the heart of the business world, brings a new breath to the perception of university with its modern building and educational infrastructure. Vadi Campus, which draws attention with its central location close to alternative transportation routes in the Vadi Istanbul region, where important brands belonging to the carrier sectors are located; It has serious opportunities for our students studying in departments that include social sciences and administrative disciplines.

At the Vadi Campus of Istinye University, which has expanded its education areas with the newly added faculties and enlarged its campuses accordingly; Fine Arts, Design and Architecture, Engineering and Natural Sciences, Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences and Communication Faculties. On our campus, which has laboratories, work areas and social areas that students will need in their education life; There are ISU Studio for the Faculty of Communication, design and architecture workshops for the Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture, application classes where students and faculty members from all engineering departments can work, and joint education and research areas where robotics and industrial systems are built.


Address: Istinye University Vadi Campus - Ayazağa District Azerbaijan Street (Vadistanbul 4A) Sarıyer,İstanbul, Turkey, 34396