Diploma Supplement

Diploma Supplement

Diploma supplement is a document that was developed by the Council of Europe, the European Commission, and UNESCO/CEPES, accompanies the diplomas issued by institutions of higher education, and aims to make the degree awarded easy to understand.

It should be provided together with the diploma automatically and free of charge, and should be issued only once and in one copy like the diploma. Is a form designed to facilitate a fuller understanding of diplomas and degrees awarded in one country by relevant agencies and organizations in other countries.

The Diploma Supplement helps students to better document the skills and qualifications they have acquired during their period of study. This way, students who would like to study or work abroad would be better able to explain their diplomas and periods of study.

A Diploma Supplement consists of 8 sections. The first section of the Diploma Supplement provides personal information. The other sections, on the other hand, provide descriptions of the degree awarded, the level of the degree, the contents of the program completed, the courses taken and grades received by the student in the program, academic/professional privileges and rights accorded to the degree-holder, and the higher education system of the country in which the degree was awarded.

The Diploma Supplement does not serve as a transcript or academic record. It is not a resume (CV). It does not ensure automatic academic/professional recognition.

From the Academic Year 2005-2006 onwards, institutions of higher education must provide their graduating students with Diploma Supplements in a widely spoken European language, in addition to diplomas.