Principles of Institutional Autonomy and Academic Freedom

Istinye University is recognized as an autonomous and pioneering world institution that teaches, conducts research, produces knowledge and passes it from generation to generation. Based on the supremacy of law in all its activities, it recognizes merit and embraces ethics and impartiality. Guaranteeing academic freedom in education and research, it supports scientific production. Its mission prioritizes universal values such as equality, justice, human rights and freedom. It aims to provide accessible and quality service. Istinye University states its principles, adhering to the principles of Magna Charta and its unique corporate principles, for its studies, activities, duties and responsibilities.

Protection of fundamental rights and freedom
With its students, graduates, academic and administrative staff, Istinye University adopts a management approach intended to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of all its members and the larger society and implements policies and practices accordingly. In its commitment to national and international organizations of which it is a member, Istinye University promotes human rights, justice, freedom, human dignity and solidarity and prioritizes uninterrupted fulfillment of its duties.

Academic freedom
Istinye University believes that freedom in research and teaching is the foundation of universities, which has also been mentioned in the principles of Magna Charta. Istinye University is aware that universities are responsible for ensuring that this basic need is respected and recognizes that academic freedom guarantees quality in scientific production, research and education. For this, Istinye University and its stakeholders have taken steps to ensure academic autonomy and freedom within the institution.

Academic freedom is the ability of academics and researchers to determine their research topics, conduct their research without pressure or external agendas other than scientific criteria. Academic freedom encourages academics and researchers to discuss their research freely and critically with other researchers and students, to follow scientific developments at the international level, to share their research outputs with other researchers, students and the public by complying with universal ethical values and evidence.

Ensuring Gender Equality
Istinye University commits to Gender Equality and holds all its units and stakeholders to this commitment. An example of this is the University’s Gender Equality Action Plan and its establishment of the Gender and Women's Studies Center (ISUGender) to carry out works implementing the plan.

In addition, Istinye University established its Psychological Harassment (Mobbing), Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Support Board under the unit directive of the same name. The support board’s activities have raised awareness of gender equality within the institution.

Respect for Diversity and Difference
Istinye University respects the power of diversity. The University sees diversity both as wealth and as a part of its corporate culture.

Istinye University conducts studies and practices related to diversity and difference, accepting and respecting differences in language, religion, race, origin, gender and beliefs. The University supports differences, protects rights and provides equal opportunities.

Responsibility and transparency
Responsibility is defined as the fulfillment of scientific, academic and administrative activities and the institutional and social duties of Istinye University stakeholders. Transparency is defined as full disclosure, implementation and monitoring of these activities. Istinye University aims to benefit society and the public, conducting its activities based on academic and social responsibility and social awareness. Its processes are carried out in accordance with these purposes.