2020-2021 Announcement of Application Double Major and Minor Program

Dear Student,

Applications for Double Major and Minor Programs have been resulted. When principal students who are accepted fill in the attached registration form and send it to cap.yandal@istinye.edu.tr on 18-19-20-21 February 2021, their double major / minor enrollment process will be complete.  Click here for application form

Students who earn alternate status should send the attached form to cap.yandal@istinye.edu.tr on February 23, 2021. If there are any students who are not enrolled among the principal students, registration priority will be given according to the order of those who are accepted as alternate. Click here for application form

All students who have studied in the Turkish Program and are accepted to the English Double Major / Minor Program (Principal / Alternate) must pass the English Proficiency exam on 19 February 2021 17.30, Students who fail the exam are considered to have lost their right to enroll.

Since you cannot enroll in two double major / minor programs at the same time, you can delete your current registration and register for a new program.Clich here for application form, double major Click here for application form, minor