2021-2022 Fall Semester Double Major and Minor Applications

Dear Students,

Applications for 2021-2022 Fall Semester Double Major and Minor Programs will be made to the student automation system (ois.istinye.edu.tr) between 1-10 September 2021 (only application for the programs which have quotas), only one program can be chosen. Applications which is made via e-mail will be refused.

*In the event that students who apply for a double major program and receive a warning on the application screen that "you are not in the 20% success range of the class" meet the other application requirements. If the program for which the double major application is applied provides the ÖSYS score type and base score for the relevant year, please fill in the application form below and send an e-mail to cap.yandal@istinye.edu.tr Applications sent outside of this address will not be considered.

Schedule of Application

Application                                                  : 1-10 September 2021

Evaluation                                                   : 16-17 September 2021

Announcement of Eligible Students        : 17 September 2021

Final Registration                                       : 23-24 September 2021 (in weekday, working hours)

Registration of Subtitute                           : 27 September 2021 (in weekday, working hours)

İSTEP Exam Date                                        : 21 September 2021, Topkapı Campus 11:00 am, 6th floor

(Students who are accepted to English programs will be entitled to enroll if they are successful in the ISTEP Exam.)


Candidates need to meet the requirements below:


In undergraduate programmes, students in four-year programmes could apply double major at the beginning of 3rd semester at the earliest, at the beginning of 5th semester at the latest, the ones in five-year programmes could apply at the beginning of 7th semester, the ones in six-year programmes could apply at the beginning of 9th semester. As for non-degree programmes, students could apply in the 2nd semester earliest and in the 3rd semester latest.

  • The application requires:
    • Having a GPA of min. 3.00 out of 4.00, (3,15/4.00 for Pharmacy Department)
    • Passing all the courses taken until application process,
    • Being among the most successful 20 % of the students in class (%10 for Pharmacy Department)
    • In case the previous condition is not met, meeting the condition of the base point of related score type for the concerned year of the programme,
    • In the applications for Pharmacy, Engineering and Architecture Programmes, meeting the condition of success rating of the related score type is also necessary,
    • In applications for English-medium programmes, meeting the condition of language proficiency.


Students could apply for them at the beginning of 3rd semester at the earliest and of 6th semester at the latest (only bachelor degree students).

              -The application requires:

  • Having a GPA of 2.50 out of 4.00,
  • Passing all the courses taken until application process.