2021-2022 Academic Year Spring Semester Double Major and Minor Application Results

Dear Students,

Applications for Double Major and Minor Programs have been Concluded.

The accepted students will complete their registration by coming to the Topkapı Campus Registrar's Office on February 23-24, 2022 and need to fill the enrollment acceptence form or by filling out the relevant form (click for form), you must send an e- mail cap.yandal@istinye.edu.tr until February 23-24 via İstinye mail adress.

Students who are in the reserve status, in case of remaining quota of the principals, according to the reserve order; They will be able to register on February 25, 2022. By coming to the Topkapı Campus or Via sending form as declared above.  All students who study in Turkish and are accepted to the English Double Major / Minor Program (Main / Subordinate) must take the English Proficiency Exam and need to be successful. Students who fail the exam are deemed to have lost their right to register. Student who are registered a double major or minor program before, has  no right to register Double major program / Minor program at same time , because of this , those students have to drop their old double or minor program.


Students who will enroll in the Aircraft Technology Program must also submit the following documents during registration.

Qualifications sought to be able to perform the profession of AIRCRAFT TECHNOLOGY:

1) Not having any Criminal Records or Criminal Records Archive Records that would prevent her from getting an airport entrance card.

2) Need to obtain a committee report ( that not having color blindness, hearing loss/deficiency, vision loss/deficiency, etc.) from the full fledged hospital dated less than six month until date you have been accepted Aircraft Technology program