April 2015

Istinye University was established.

October 2016

The Health Sciences Institute accepted its first students.

September 2016

Istinye University and its Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences and Vocational School of Health Care Services opened.

September 2017

The Faculty of Pharmacy, the Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and the Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture accepted the first Vocational School students.

April 2017

İSÜ KÖK, İSÜMKAM, İSÜCAN, İSÜ3D R&D Centers began providing services related to expanding the boundaries of science, carrying out studies that impact the field of health.

To date, Istinye University’s 11947 students, 9 Faculties, 2 Vocational Schools and 3 Institutes continue to produce 21st century knowledge in disciplines representing the arts, science and industry.

June 2017

Istinye University opened its Economics and Policy Research Center (EPAM) to advance research in the fields of economics and foreign policy.

September 2018

Istinye University opened the Faculty of Engineering and the 2018-19 academic year started with 7661 faculty members, students and staff.

October 2018

Istinye University opened its Technology Transfer Center (İSU TTO) to mediate the use of scientific research, projects and product development for the benefit of society.

January 2018

The Institute of Social Sciences was opened.

April 2018

Istinye University opened the Security and Defense Strategies Application and Research Center (GUVSAM), focusing on multidimensional areas in international relations and Turkish foreign policy.

June 2018

Istinye University produced its first graduates, conferring 278 associate degrees. İSÜSEM was introduced to provide the education infrastructure of Istinye University and offer training sessions and other benefits to faculty and other staff.

Istinye University Medical Artificial Intelligence Research and Application Center (TYZAUM) was opened to conduct research and develop projects on the interaction between artificial intelligence and medicine.

June 2019

A total of 661 students participated in graduation; 608 students were awarded associate degrees, 1 student was awarded an undergraduate degree, and 52 students were awarded graduate degrees.

January 2020

Istinye University Media Research Center (İSÜMED) was opened to improve the relationship between the media and society and ensure the production of information and materials for the public benefit.

June 2020

A total of 1296 students participated in graduation; 977 students were awarded associate degrees, 179 students were awarded undergraduate degrees and 140 students were awarded graduate degrees.

August 2020

The Application and Research Center for Belt and Road Studies (CBRS) was opened.

February 2021

Istinye University International Research Center of Sustainability (IRCOS) was opened to make recommendations on sustainability development policies and action plans at national and international levels.

May 2021

The Faculty of Dentistry and the Faculty of Communication were opened.

September 2021

Istinye University’s Vadi Campus, located in the heart of the business world, accepted its first students. The Institute of Science was opened.

October 2021

Public Diplomacy Application and Research Center (KADAM) were opened

August 2022

Physics PhD in English, Chemistry PhD in English, MSc in Management Information Systems in English and MSc in Data Science in Turkish Programs were opened.

October 2023

Vadi Main Campus, Vadi AB Campus, and Vadi Dentistry Hospital Campus were opened, and education has begun.