ISU Students are Leaders

ISU students know that leaders steer society.

And they know quite well that the leaders steer companies, non-profit organizations, sports clubs, universities, social and political lives, in short, the future of society.

They know that leadership skills start, are shaped and developed during education. They continuously try to discover themselves in order to be a leader in education. They organize events at university and in their social lives, and lead them.

ISU students ceaselessly and determinedly try to develop their leadership capabilities which are encoded in their genes.

ISU students know that a good leader should be a good speaker. To this end, they keep on improving themselves in the art of elocution with each passing day.

ISU Students Work with Team Spirit

ISU students aspire to achieve as part of a whole beyond being an individual. They put aside their ego and internalize that union is strength.

An individual who acts upon team spirit knows that he/she should organize his/her creativity, effort and productivity in line with a goal, and contributes accordingly.

ISU students know that contributing to the world, making it a better place and producing something is possible with a strong team spirit and with organization.

ISU Students are Competitive

ISU students compete with the best in every area and, if possible, in every topic, to improve themselves. They believe that competition is brutal on a regional, national and international level. They are aware that the way to contribute to themselves and to society is to adapt to competitive conditions. They internalize that the fundamental law of competition is about believing in science, researching, working hard and not giving up. The purpose of ISU students is to be equipped with all the conditions of universal competitiveness.

ISU Students are Rational and Think Strategically

ISU students use their minds when faced with problems. They do not make a decision by just taking the next step forward into consideration. They assess the problem by collecting data from different points of view; take mid- and long-term results into account; make plans and then make decisions.

ISU Students Value Knowledge

ISU students know that they cannot exist in today’s world without following science. They know that real strength is achieved only by producing new scientific information, rather than being content with purely having scientific knowledge.

Before making a decision, ISU students collect the necessary data to make the right decision. They know how to access and interpret information.

ISU Students Live with Universal Ethical Values

ISU students internalize the moral values of the geography they live in. And they are also aware that there are other moral values in the world. They are familiar with the generally accepted ethical values of humanity, and try to live with these values.

ISU Students are Hard-Working

ISU students know that one cannot consume without producing nor win without working. Thus, they have a habit of a well-disciplined study. They do not waste time; they work in a planned and consistent manner to reach their goals.

ISU Students are Responsible Towards Society

ISU students cannot sleep comfortably when their neighbor is hungry. They do not say “After me, the flood”. They abstain from actions which may harm the environment, and prevent others from doing so.

ISU Students are Sportive

In contrary to the established culture that regards sports just as a game, source of entertainment or leisure activity, ISU students are aware that “sport is not just sport”. They know that sport is the most important key to a long and healthy life, and therefore, a productive life. Again they know that sport makes one a social, open-hearted, productive, collaborative, entrepreneurial, creative, risk-bearing, self-satisfied and brave person who is full of the joy of life, is not tired by difficulties, and can implement efficient and effective strategies.

Being an ISU student is a Culture

ISU students know the components of culture very well, and are happy to live and act as good examples of this culture in their daily lives.

They question the cultural values imposed on them by others, take what is good for them and replace the bad with their own cultural values.

ISU students have increased emotional awareness, and they set an example for society in this regard.

They enjoy discovering themselves more and more with each passing day.